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GridWorld Case Study Materials

The Best AP Computer Science
GridWorld Case Study Materials!

Why should the
GridWorld Case Study
be used all year long?

  • GridWorld is a great recruiting tool as it is graphical and engaging.
  • Students LOVE working with graphics.
  • Students LOVE working with GridWorld.
  • Gridworld allows students to learn objects early and all year long.
  • Gridworld helps students learn inheritance.
  • The GridWorld Case Study accounts for 25% of the AP CS A exam.
  • Students will score well on the AP CS exam if they have experience with GridWorld.
  • GridWorld makes creating GAMES easy.
  • Students LOVE making GAMES! 
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A+ Computer Science provides
a totally original approach
for purposefully integrating
the GridWorld Case Study
all year long.

  • GridWorld is used from day one.
  • GridWorld is used to teach objects.
  • GridWorld is used to teach looping and decision-making.
  • GridWorld is used to teach the basics.
  • Assignments are fun and intelligent.
  • Creating GridWorld games is easy.
  • Actor is used early to teach inheritance.
  • Many small projects increase student success.
  • Many large projects tie concepts together.
  • Gridworld is interactive and engaging.
  • Repetition provides mastery for all students.



The A+ Computer Science curriculum
contains a ton of awesome
AP CS GridWorld Materials
including, labs, quizzes,
worksheets, slides, and tests.

GridWorld Case Study Intro Slides and Notes (pdf) 
GridWorld Case Study Sample Lab 1

GridWorld Case Study Sample Lab 2

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